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Friday, March 14, 2014

Group Of Eight Georgetown Trunk Show

Hi again,

I hope this finds everyone well … although we are still in the grip of winter here in southern Ontario, buried again by a late winter storm!

A few weeks ago, the Burlington Fibre Artists hosted a trunk show from the Group of Eight Fibre Artists based in Georgetown, ON and I took a few pictures that I know you will enjoy.

It was a wonderful evening full of inspiration, artists' talks, discussing of techniques and the sharing of stories - what could be better?

The Group of Eight was founded in 2006 by a few like-minded friends that were looking for a creative outlet for fibre work outside of the traditional quilting guilds. So, eight members were the basis of GOE which now has nine members. Please enjoy these photographs ~ 

The artists' of the GOE can be found at or search the Group of Eight Fibre Artists with you favourite search engine. Please know that some of the photos may be details ~ not the full piece.

Very best wishes and thank you so much to the Group of Eight for joining us,


Linda Kittmer said...

Thank you Barbara. We really enjoyed our visit to speak to your group and chat with your members during break. I'll be sure to share this post with the rest out our group.

Fibreartist said...

Thanks for sharing, I loved seeing our art on your post!

Unknown said...

So wonderful of you to share us on your site. I really enjoyed talking to you that night. It's so amazing & energizing to get out and talk with like minded people. I find that it's always a path of new inspiration & brings me pure joy.

Radka said...

Some lovely work, thank you for sharing :-)