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Monday, March 3, 2014

Finding Your Voice - Part II

Hi again,

Just a bit ago … I talked about finding your voice and introduced you to a dear friend of mine, Sandy Simmelink, who  gave a workshop to our group on "Finding Your Voice" …

One thing that I have remembered from the workshop and wanted to add is her advice on practicing your technique always and everyday if possible, and then working in series when ever you get a chance.

Working in series lets you practice your techniques and then find whatever it is that makes your voice unique … it pushes us to revisit our favourite subject matter until we have explored it to its fullest.

I have include a couple of images to demonstrate working in series … all of these pieces are of the same size and general working materials.

Your series could be anything from subject matter, size, colour or working materials … what ever connects the pieces together as a unified body. This will help as time goes on to let people know that this is your work.

Exploring your subject matter to this degree will help in your efforts towards finding your own unique artistic voice.

Very many best wishes,

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