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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Finding Your Voice

Just a little bit a go … a dear friend of mine (ours) and wonderful quilt artist gave a workshop with our little group of fibre artists from the Burlington Fibre Arts Group.

Sandy Simmelink - artist, judge, and teacher, both traditional and innovative … shared with us her own thoughts on finding your voice.

We all struggle at times to find our own unique voice or to make it more clear, sometimes struggling more often than not.

Sandy walked us through a series of questions meant to invoke what it is we really want to do with our artwork and what was truly important to us. It was nothing short of enlightening …

Here are some examples of Sandy's work - her free, experimental and playful side and then her traditional work that may take years to complete …
Both are Sandy's voice and both sides tell a story of how you can have two sides(loves) or maybe more, whichever works for you and your work. Maybe you have one voice, maybe you have many but practice, determination and experimentation are a sure way to recognize your own individual voice.

All this blogging … while watching the ladies long program from Sochi and witnessing artistic voices in all its amazing, beautiful and emotional forms!

Enjoy and many, many best wishes,

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Culture Days

In our town, in late September - we have something called Culture Days.
All art forms of the arts are celebrated …
The fibre arts group that I belong to in Oakville were invited to participate and here are some photographs that I have just come across while sorting things!
Enjoy … this includes work from a number of quilt and fibre artists that had their work available for Culture Days.

Many best wishes,