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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

new work ~ progress

Hello ~ on this snowy evening, the winds are up and the snow is blowing, who knows what it will look like in the morning. Beautiful, I am sure ...
I am so excited about where this is going, it is a slow process but I love every twist and turn and stitch. My debate was if I should take it to my machine or keep working by hand ... for now I am keeping my hand to my work. I find I have more control by hand ... so I worked on a similiar piece strictly by machine ... I love it too but they have different personalities.
This piece will have a final sheer vintage fabric over the top that will let the image peek through, it may not be that far away!


Anonymous said...

That's looking lovely, very pretty and delicate. Would be interested to see how different the machine stitched version looks.

Anonymous said...

The bits woven in here and there make it so textured and adds to the richness. xox Corrine

Judy Ferguson said...

Slow and steady progress usually are the best way to create something worthwhile. Something that you will love. Worth the effort.

Heloise said...

Love all the small snippets that you have added. It brings it alive.

Anonymous said...

Oh it is so beautiful! I love what you are up to here! the colours are perfect! and all the hand woven detail is divine!

Are you enjoying how bright it is today? The snow has finally stopped here in Welland, but it is all white and so very inspirational......reflected light, is there anything better? lol

ciao bella
come by and visit often!

Creative Carmelina

Tammie Lee said...

quite fun to see this first stage. I love that you feel excited by this piece, that is a wonderful thing to hear. I personally love your hand stitching.