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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Butterfly project

Well, it has a temporary name ... and here are some of photos as to how it is going. This batch of photos turned out much better than the last in terms of the light ~ so the colours are so much more acurately depicted. The last detail photo above shows the final point of this piece ~ the female form. This is for a juried show and the ideas are still coming together but it will be a statement and contrast of the female image and self image. I am still avoiding the sewing-machine but I do have a sister piece completed by myself and my daughter with all free-motion, when I take my next batch of photgraphs ... I will include it. ~wishing you well ~


Tammie Lee said...

these colors are lovely together, like a mix of spring flowers and summer blooms on a soft background. I also enjoy seeing the tiny bits under the surface, they get my attention and make me want to look closely.

suziqu's thread works said...

I can see the female form in the beautiful softness and curvatious nature of the pieces. Your thread is also very beautiful Barbara!
Love, Suzy

Shammickite said...

Another delightful project from you!
When will the juried show be held? From time to time there are juried shows in the little gallery in Stouffville, and I'm always amazed at the variety of submissions.

Judy Ferguson said...

Photographing our work is always an interesting process. I think your results are good and your image is clear. Very lovely.

Barbara said...

Thank you all so much ... there is another sheer layer to go the top, but we will get there!
Very best wishes,

Genie said...

Hi Barbara,
lovely work,thanks for stopping by my photo blog.
have a good week.