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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall's Gifts

green tomatoes
a blue pumpkin
and a peanut pumpkin

Fall gives us so much ... the tomatoes are ripening in a bag, the blue pumpkin will be roasted and the peanut pumpkin has made a wonderful, comforting soup.
I know it is not Thanksgiving everywhere right now but it is for us this weekend in Canada. I just wanted to say "have a great weekend to everyone" ~ Thanksgiving or not.
It has been wonderful to meet so many new people through all of your blogs, exchange ideas, read about your lives complete with all the ups and downs.
And to hopefully give as many kind words as I receive.
Happy Thanksgiving ~ for now and the coming seasons


suziqu's thread works said...

And Thanksgiving to You also Barbara. How meeting all these blogging friends including you sweet lady) has enriched our lives.
Enjoy the fruits of your labour. These pumpkins are divine!!! I have never heard of a Peanut Pumpkin! What gorgeous texture just like your stitching pieces.
Hugs x Suzy

kaiteM said...

Barbara, i hope you have a very rich and rewarding long weekend for Thanksgiving. thanks for visiting me downunder today, kaite

Shammickite said...

Fall certainly provides us with some lovely textures and colours. Especially this weekend with the sun shing and such a blue sky.
Have a happy Thanksgiving, Barbara.

Sharon said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Barbara! I'm thankful for my blog friends too. Isn't it fun?

I love your photos! What wonderful colors and textures. I'd never heard of a peanut pumpkin either!

Uta said...

Blog friends give me so much to be thankful for :)

Els said...

Visiting back, and I like what I see! Love your stitching work.

sallyrae said...

What great photos! I just in the last month have picked and prepared my first ever "fried green tomatoes" I really think I got it right the second time. My tomatoes didn't look as good as yours though.

Lovely Thanksgiving to you! Enjoy!

Tammie Lee said...

this is such a lovely post. I hope you had a wonderful feast and lovely time with family or friends. Your photos show the beauty of these harvests quite beautifully!