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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thanks so much ...

First, thank you for the comments, emails and help that came from my last request. My work is small, so many things can work! Finding something that for me is easy, not overly time-consuming (as my work is) and then looks good has been a challenge.
I especially want to say thank you to Judy at ... she posted a tutorial on her blog based on mine and others requests for help ~ you can find the tutorial on her blog under "Gallery Hanging Tutorial". So, if anyone else out there is looking for ideas ... visit Judy's blog for beautiful work and lots of insight.
I find that even though I am new to this blogging ... I have met and received emails from so many wonderful artists (even those of you who don't think of yourselves as artists but you are)
... I am amazed at the wonderful, warm souls that participate in this platform.

Very best wishes, Barbara


Heloise said...

Thank you for your kind comment left on my blog. Good luck with the framing/mounting of your art work. I once saw a book about this here in the UK it had lots of good suggestion. I wish I could remember the title.

MarieE said...

Hi Barbara,
here's another option for framing small pieces. I've also used this method to stretch plain fabric to use as a backing mount for tacking down a small quilt-like piece. Good luck framing your work!