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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Looking for suggestions !

I am wondering if anyone has some suggestions or ideas to help me out? I am adrift and stuggling with the framing/presentation of my work. I have been doing OK but the framing/mounting is just not what I am happy with. My work is on the smaller side 18" x 18" or less ... I find that doesn't take well to being hung on a rod of sorts as it doesn't have the weight to keep it down well. Currently, I have been mounting the pieces on stretched canvas (either painted or not) and then using a gallery frame to sit the canvas in.
It is fine but not great ... I am not sure if I should fancy up the frame at all or use straight black on the frame. Whatever I am doing wrong has me stumped ... I would be so happy for suggestions, thoughts, ideas ~ under glass vs not under glass ~ open for anything. Or if you know of books or website, or any other resource ~ I would be so very thankful!
Have a great weekend!


Judy Ferguson said...

Barbara, thank you for visiting my blog and all your encouraging words. I do not frame my work, but mount my smaller pieces on black core foamboard. There is nothing showing from the front except the quilt. If you would like to know more, email me at

suziqu's thread works said...

I think it would be a shame to have your work under glass but as far as framing goes I think Judy above would give you the best advice. I think it loses it's life under glass but that is just my thought. Thanks for your encouraging comments - the stitching is nearly there! I am looking at the most beautiful sunset in the softest shades of mauve and pink - very unusual and very beautiful!
Cheers Suzy

Barbara said...

Thank you both for your comments ~ I totally agree with you Suzy ... my husband made that suggestion but that whole texural aspect would be gone.
Thank you very much Judy for your advice ... I will send off an email soon.
Very best wishes,