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Monday, July 5, 2010

Sedum heads I ~ first of two

This was inspired by a huge bed of sedum that I found last fall ... the colours were stunning in that light.

So, I had started this series over the winter and then put them aside to work on a couple of other pieces that had become important. While digging through my colour searches, I came across the little water colour I used to determine my colour palette for the work. The goal at the time was to only set the pigments that I was looking for in the finished piece.

I find the process of colour searching so very helpful ~ the pieces started up again and with
this little watercolour to drive me on ~ the second is almost completed.
This is watercolour on muslin, rovings and hand-stitch


Tammie Lee said...

Hello Barbara,
This is so lovely! The colors are soothing and draw me in. I love your wild quilting, just wonderful.

Shammickite said...

Another lovely piece of hand work, you are so talented, and I think you must be very patient too, with all those tiny hand stitches. Plus I think you have air conditioning as I don't think I could even concentrate long enough to make a start on a piece like that in this extreme heat. So stay cool!

Barbara said...

Hi, Thank you both for your visits ... and yes we do have A/C but nothing really keeps up with this heat. It is 45 or so today ... not sure what that is in degrees F

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Barbara
Your sedum shades are truely beautiful as is your stitching. OMG! 45 is just so hot! but when you love what you do you keep doing it. Thanks for info on threads. Much appreciated.
x Cheers

Clare Wassermann said...

gosh thank you for finding my blog - yours is a treat. I love your storm stitching. Tiny beautiful stitches depicting a lowering sky. Enchanting... x

Anonymous said...

Such a good idea to try out a colour palette first - I like seeing the original watercolour and the stitched piece together: a real kinship between them.

celia said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I love your blend of paint and stitch. The Starry Nights are my particular favourites.