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Friday, June 18, 2010

Passing Storm ~ third of three ~

The third of my set finished ~ hopefully I will have them set on a canvas shortly. Seeing them together ~ you can look from one to the other ~ maybe there is a beginning, a middle and an end or maybe not ~ sometimes I will take up the same subject matter another time.
I find that there are things I that I keep coming back to over time and somethings I don't ~ but by keeping only a gentle grasp on the ideas maybe there will be another set of three. I like twos as well, but usually they are larger and the singles are even bigger again.
I am working on a single and also a set of two right now.
Interestingly enough, the subject can sometimes tell you what to do or where to go ... often, a storm has a beginning, a middle and an end ...
i wish you a great weekend


Tammie Lee said...

Dreamy, absolutely dreamy.
The sun is setting, a sliver of golden orange between satin blue clouds, shinning in my face as I type, reminds me of this piece. Wishing you a lovely weekend too.

Anonymous said...

hi Barbara,

I like this project you're working on! It's great to "meet" you and thanks for piping up on my blog. I look forward to seeing what projects you create.