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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Passing Storm ~ all together ~

Here are the three ~ finished and put together, once again, photographing my work may not be my strong point. I think I am done with threes for a while ~ the thinking is sometimes the hard part about that.
I hope they connect for you ...
acrylic on muslin, rovings, hand stich


Tammie Lee said...

they most certainly connect for me, a wonderful trio, full of movement and feeling.

Sharon said...

These are beautiful, especially together. I think you've really captured the color/feel of a storm, and the wind blowing. I love all your stitching on these!

Unknown said...

lovely sense of gentle movement there.

sallyrae said...

I really, really like your art. Thanks for your notes. ATC? I bet you are ready for a break...I enjoy your flower pictures. Actually, your photos are wonderful.
The blue flower in my last post is actually a plain, ole' heavenly blue morning glory. I just always save the seeds from the year before and shake them into the dirt around the trellis out front when spring rolls around and voila' no fuss flowers all summer long.

Maia T said...

Beautiful triptych and lovely artwork.
I admire your patience for doing all these stitches by hand, the result is amazing.
Have a great weekend!

Duchess of Tea said...

Barbara darling, popped in to wish you a summer full of sunshine, happiness and blessings.

Love & Hugs

Shammickite said...

Yes, this really works for me, I love the colours. And the textures. Moonlight on water.